Q-Pak Quad Valve Manifold

Q-Pak controls front and rear air ride systems with instant-up air supply.
SKU: FXA-1028


The New Q-Pak Quad Valve Manifold System delivers outstanding performance in a compact design that will redefine motorcycle air suspension control. 

The Q-Pak is purposefully built and designed specifically for motorcycle applications. The package comes complete with all the fittings installed, a muffler and electrical plug with 3 feet of wiring harness ready for installation.  AirFX tests every system prior to shipping.

Three tube connection configurations are available;

  1. 5/32" OD Tube, all connections
  2. 1/4" OD Tube IN, 5/32" OD Tube out to Front and Rear shocks
  3. 1/4" OD Tube, all connections 

The Q-Pak is Made in the USA, is fully serviceable, features a 300 PSI operating range, with built-in air filters for long life and safe operation.

The AirFX Q-Pak is an extremely efficient package drawing only 0.4 amps which will allow for a wide range of installations from new to existing systems.


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