First in the market with Front and Rear air suspension kit for 2018 Softail models!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

AirFX delivers a complete suspension system for all 2018 Softail Models. This fully integrated system includes the revolutionary Q-pak manifold, patented rear mono shock, and the industry-leading front replacement cartridges.


AirFX Front Air Ride Kits make it easy to up-grade your factory internal fork assemblies without modification and exceeds all manufacturer specifications. Each cartridge has 2 chambers for lift, and 1 for rebound in axial alignment. This allows us to increase piston surface area, thus reducing air pressure required to lift. To dampen compression during hard braking we have added a booster spring. The result is a much smoother, and consistent ride and increased handling.


AirFX Rear Air Ride Kits are specifically designed to fit all mono shock rear suspensions. Now you can get even greater control in cornering, with less feedback from the road. Each shock has two air chambers for lift and one for rebound, in axial alignment. The dual piston design increases the piston surface area, reducing the air pressure and volume required to lift the bike. Additionally, spherical bearings are used on the upper and lower pivot points to minimize pivot friction. Rebound control is set by adding air to the remote mounted Schrader valve. These design features provide a much smoother ride, increased handling performance, greater durability, while maintaining a shock body size equal to stock.

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