5/32T Tee

Nickel plated brass 5/32 OD tube to tube union tee
SKU: 2L05001

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1/4T X 5/32T Reducer (use with 1/4 T union 2U03003)

Nickel plated brass 1/4OD male x 5/32 OD tube reducer. Plugs into 1/4T fitting to reduce down to 5/32 OD tube

20FT 5/32 OD Tubing, Black

Black nylon 5/32 OD tubing for use with all air ride systems. Nylon 11 Tubing with 1200 psi burst rating.

MGPP 5cc Pillow Pack Grease

Magnalube-G PTFE Grease is a high-temp grease that will outlast conventional grease lubricants. Magnalube-G PTFE Grease deposits a fine film on surfaces that forms a protective and lubricating bond to improve performance over time. This can be extremely useful in applications where the external elements in the field cannot always be controlled, such as a high temperature spike or extreme weather conditions. Magnalube-G regularly lasts for 10+ year intervals in sealed-for-life applications due to the extremely long operating life of the Elastomer-PTFE gelling agent and premium parafiinic mineral base oil.

1/4T Union

Nickel plated brass 1/4 OD tube to tube union