2018+ Softail Compressor/Q-PaK mounting bracket kit

2018+ Softail Compressor/Q-PaK mounting bracket Kit
SKU: FXA-1024-02


Compressor and QPAK Quad Valve mounting bracket for 2018+ Harley Softail models. Used for bikes with front and rear air ride shocks.  Q-PaK and compressor sold separately.

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Q-Pak Quad Valve Manifold

Q-Pak controls front and rear air ride systems with instant-up air supply.

Instant Up Control Box

Pressure switch and relay sub-assembly. Pressure switch preset to 190PSI. Wiring includes ignition circuit interlock. Control will turn on the compressor until the sensed pressure reaches 190psi and will shut off. Compressor will turn back on at 170psi.

Compact Compressor Assembly

Comes with a Omega style mounting bracket. Insulated wiring is pre-installed. Equipped with thermal overload protector that will shut down the unit when overheated. When cool, the compressor will automatically restart as normal.